Sony Announces Their Very Own VR Goggles For Use With the PS4


It wasn’t that long ago in which having a video game experience steeped in virtual reality seemed like a faraway dream, like something out of a hallucination about Star Trek or something. Well, those days have changed. Ever since Oculus presented the world with their Rift device, which brings a VR-like experience to the PC gaming world, the flood gates have been beginning to open. Ever since then, people have wondered if there would be something similar for console players. After all, there are a whole lot of them and they demand the best gaming experiences too! Well, wonder no longer. Sony just dropped the bomb on you.

Introducing Project Morpheus, Sony’s foray into VR-goggles. Morpheus works suspiciously similar to Oculus Rift, featuring head-tracking technology, and HD screens for each eyeball. However, this will be available for use with PS4 games, meaning that people without expensive PC gaming rigs won’t be left out in the dust. It will also team up with their PlayStation Move controller, which is essentially a Wii controller, for some extra awesome VR gaming. They have already announced games that let you use it as a sword and as a gun.

Of course, this is still in the prototyping phase, so don’t go camping out at your local Gamestop looking to buy one. They have yet to announce a release date or a pricing model for the device, but we imagine it would be out in time for the next holiday season(2015.)