Sony and Simon Cowell team up for X-factor-themed MDR-X10 headphones


sony mdr-x10 x-factor 1
The world of celebrity endorsed headphones is already a strange enough place. On one hand you have rappers like Dr. Dre and 50 Cent providing their likeness and “technical expertise” and on the other hand you have random celebrities like Snooki and, well, fictional celebrities like Spongebob Squarepants. Now, thanks to Sony, the world is getting ready to see yet another totally bizarre celebrity headphone. Maybe this whole business is about to jump the proverbial shark.

Sony and meanie about town Simon Cowell have teamed up to bring you the X-factor-themed MDR-X10 headphones. The first thing you might notice about these ‘phones is the vibrant red-and-white color scheme. Pretty snazzy. What’s under the hood? The X10 is geared to pump a Godly amount of bass, so get ready to quite literally feel the music in your eardrums. Also, they feature comfortable earpads which make them a dream to wear, unlike their similar big muff brethren. Of course, like any high quality pair of headphones worth their aural salt, the X10s use Bluetooth technology to eliminate the need for cumbersome wires.

All in all, these seem like a pretty decent pair of headphones, albeit with a strange choice of celebrity license. The only downside, other than supporting that blowhard Simon Cowell? The entry price is rather steep. Getting your hands on a pair of MDR-X10s will set you back around $300. Somebody call Randy Jackson to help soften the blow