Sony and Regal Team Up to Bring Closed-Captioning Glasses to 6,000 Theaters

Sony Closed Caption Glasses

With all of the excitement over those Google glasses everyone is talking about, it’s easy to forget that technology can be applied to glasses to have them do one thing and do it well. Why, for centuries glasses were used to help people see(imagine that.) In these olden days, people would slide them on their face and suddenly, like magic, they’d be able to read the words in front of them. This was useful for books, street signs, and reading the captains while enjoying a night out at the local movie theater.

Speaking of enjoying a night out at the local movie theater, Sony and Regal Theaters have teamed up to create a piece of tech that makes that night even more enjoyable. Sony’s aptly named Subtitle Glasses deliver accurate looking subtitles right over your eyeballs. That way you don’t force anyone else to read! As we’ve all learning from watching Reading Rainbow, reading can lead to nothing but being trapped in the endless void of space with the Borg. Regal will be outfitting more than 6,000 of their theaters with the devices, which is great news to the visually impaired or just people who likes to wear tech-heavy specs at all times. You know the type(us.)

You can also purchase these for home use, but they will set you back a hefty $1,750. That’s a whole lot of popcorn and sodas. Actually, given current theater prices, that’s just an average amount of popcorn and sodas. Still, if your local theater has them in stock you may as well use theirs. Why buy the cow when you know the rest.