SolePower Insole Charges Electronic Devices as You Walk


We have a lot of gadgets in our lives nowadays. If you were to take the contents of an average pocket, or pocket book, you’d be likely to find a smartphone, a tablet device, an e-reader and who knows what else. In short, we have lot of knick-knacks helping fuel our lives. Speaking of fuel, these gadgets take a whole lot of juice in order to keep em running. How many times have you left the house to do something important, only to find your phone is out of power right when you need it most? If only there was a way to use our natural kinetic energy to give our devices a swift energetic kick in the butt. Now, or soon, there will be.

Introducing SolePower, a device that uses the power of your soles to charge your devices. It’s essentially an insole, add-on that goes on the bottom of your shoes. As you walk, the device starts storing juice. Before long, via the magic of your steps, your devices are charged and ready to go. You’ll never miss an “important” text again. It’s more or less designed to be a back-up device, just in case you need it. It would take a whole lot of steps to bring any one of your devices to full charge, not to mention all of them. Still, it’s a great first, uh, step. See what I did there?

SolePower is currently on Kickstarter attempting to secure funding so it can be slid to sidewalks everywhere. You can assure you’ll be one of the first kids on your block walking around your block to charge your gadgets by dropping a cool $75 right now. Hey, that’s not a bad deal!