SOLE Footwear teams up with ReCork to create shoes out of old wine corks


The wild and wooly world of shoes has been stuck in a rut for several decades now. How many pair of athlete-endorsed sneakers can one man stack in his closet? Amirite? Thankfully, technology and eco-friendly design is coming to save the day! We will not be kept down under the tyranny of the same old shoe design. A company known as SOLE Footwear has teamed with an environmental agency known as ReCork to bring us the wildest and wooliest shoes yet.

The companies have begun collecting used wine corks, which would normally be headed for a landfill, and used them to create a new line of footwear. Soles are normally made from rubber, which is about as biodegradable as a nuclear missile. Rubber is out, and cork is in. Cork, which grows on trees in case you didn’t know, is completely biodegradable and, what’s more, the cork used in these shoes were already used to cover up everyone’s favorite adult beverage.

The shoes come in styles for both men and women. Don’t rush out to your favorite wine store yet, though. The shoes are not yet available for purchase. We’ll let you know when you can wrap your little piggies in SOLE’s newest, and greenest, invention. Check below for more images of the shoes in action and, for good measure, a picture of a bunch of cork.