Solar Powered Fashion Accessories


Solar Fashion Accessories

We Will Become Silhouettes is a collection of fashion accesories from Elena Corchero that explore delicate ways of incorporating organic solar cells into textiles in which technology meets tradition.

Flexible solar cells become precious stones and jewels in her current project, a touching collection of delicate embroideries and lace inspired by endangered species.

The pieces are charged while used outdoors during the day. When brought indoors in the evening they transform into a decorative ambient light display for the home, powered only by energy stored earlier.

Electronic components like solar cells, resistors, and LEDs are integrated directly into the textile and wired together into working circuits using conductive thread. Organic prints and embroidery motifs recall endangered birds.

Solar Powered Accessories

Elena Corchero is an experienced fashion and interaction designer with a fine arts background and specialist knowledge in smart textiles through work on wearable technologies as a research associate in MIT Media Lab Europe Human Connectedness.

A very unique approach to combine technology and fashion with a large portion of creativity. Catching light to create atmosphere in the evening, a nice way to replace candle light.

Elena planes to offer a selected range of hand crafted, limited edition products on her Website. We will keep on eye on her boutique and give you an update when the first creations are up for sale.

[via: twenty1f]