Solar Bags are becomming a Hot Trend


We love the idea of adding Solar Cells to bags.Bags are used by many people (women more than men) without even thinking about it. We use them to carry stuff for School or office, use them when we hike through the country side or explore the city.

Bags are used from youngsters to seniors and everyone between. Bags are used all year around, not just in a particular season. For every occasion we have a different bag.

Adding Solar Cells to bags gives them a new and practical dimension. Generating solar power on the go for our gadgets – which are often the reason why we use a bag – is a great idea.

Solar Bags

Topping up our power hungry gadgets can extend the ‘play time’ of our devices, especially if we are far away from the power grid. has a range of Backpacks and Bags with Solar Cells integrated. Not the most exiting range is respect to fashionable but nevertheless, a start.

Our hope is that more companies join the Solar Cell Bag trend and add more stylish and fashionable bags for us to choose from.

What better way to show that we care about the environment by harvesting solar energy. The additional benefit is to have an extended play time of our essential gear like cameras, cell phones and Audio player.