SOL Republic releases Amps and Tracks line of headphones


The world of cool headphones is a crowded one indeed. SOL Republic(Soundtrack of Life Republic) is a new company that has entered the fray in a big way. Their angle? A cool little line of headphones known as Amps and Tracks.

The line up consists of some moderately priced amp-in-ear headphones and ear buds. They offer clear, and HD if needed, sound. The company also boasts they are nearly indestructible. We’ll let you know about that once we take them to our very own Large Hadron Collider we keep in the basement of Crunchwear HQ. Or we can use our blender.

These headphones and buds will be available at the end of the month in a full range of colors. The prices range from $60-$100. Not bad for studio quality ear muffs.