Snowballs Cooling Underwear Helps Keep Men Ferociously Fertile


When you are a child and you ask where babies come from, you are usually spun a ridiculous yarn about a stork and a potato sack. Then when you get a bit older and you ask the same question, you are told something about a man and a woman being in love and, voila, here comes a baby. Then, when you grow up you realize the cold truth. Making a baby can be rather difficult. Sometimes our innards don’t want to cooperate. This is especially true when it comes to the fertility of men. Luckily, wearable technology is on it.

A designer named Joshua Shoemake is oddly not a shoemaker, but rather an underwear maker. He has prepped a new pair of undies called Snowballs, which purports to help sperm get to their desired location intact. The magic is in the unique icing properties of the undies. These pairs of cotton underwear come packed with re-freezable SnowWedges.  After regular use, you apparently become as fertile as a lion king. The proof is also in the pudding, as the concept helped Shoemake himself become a father.

Snowballs are made from non-toxic gel and are available now for pre-order. The only drawback? The pre-orders are available via Kickstarter and you will only get your undies, and thus your groove back, if the product meets the tipping point. As of right now they still have a ways to go. We’ll let you know more as this develops. In the meantime, eat a lot of fish!