Snow Peak Lapel Torch Will Light Your Darkest Hour


Camping, and general trekking through the wilderness, can be fun. As we all know from that one Liam Neeson movie where he fights off evil wolves, it can also be dangerous. That’s where the happy specter of wearable technology comes in. There are all kinds of gadgets out there, and forthcoming, that help you get a safe handle on the great outdoors. One of the most useful things you need outside, particularly in the middle of nowhere at night, is a lighting source. This will help you build fires, cook food and, oh yeah, avoid hungry bears. Here is a wearable light that will help you survive.

Introducing Snow Peak and their neatly named Lapel Torch. It is named as such as it is a light(torch) that affixes to your lapel. It will light up stuff in front of you so you can read, look at your phone, avoid poisonous areas and figure out is inside that mysterious hatch that looms in the jungle. It’s 60 lumens and uses the magic of LED to work. Of course, being as how it’s clip-on, it doesn’t have to go on your lapel. Put it on your belt, your pocket or even that dangerous smoke monster that is looming toward you at this very moment!

If you survive the smoke monster, you can pick one of these up now for around $60. Then you’ll officially have no excuse to go camping while the weather is nice. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get some 4G signal so it’s not like you’ll be completely alone, will it? Muhaha.