These Snazzy Sneakers Can Tell How You Run


Running and walking sure are healthy for you, so they say. We do this thing, for around thirty minutes or so, every few days or so and pretty soon we are in tip top shape. Then we start doing it more and posting about it on Facebook until our friends become annoyed with us. Seriously though, what if you simply run wrong? Most people wear ill-fitting shoes and their gait suffers as a result. To date, there is no technology that you can just, uh, wear and get all of the information on how you run. Oh wait. There is? There is.

Introducing the Runsafer running sneakers, the shoes that will make sure your are, well, running safely. After all, running improperly can lead to all manner of serious and plain annoying injury. This beautiful kicks are filled to the brim with microprocessors that keep a constant eye on where the various parts of your foot land and take off from. The result? An accurate look at what happens the few times you manage to get off of your couch. They connect via Bluetooth to your PC, smartphones or whatever else people use nowadays. You can use this information to adjust how you run and, hopefully, soon you’ll be doing it in the right way.

This is only a working prototype for now, but the designers hope to finish them, manufacture them and put them on store shelves sometime in 2015. Hey, that’s not too far away although on paper it sure does seem so. The passage of time stinks.