Snaptracs’ Tagg device helps keep your furry friends safe


We all love our furry friends. However, sometimes they get lost. Dogs are smart, but occasionally not that smart. That is where Snaptracs and their uniquely designed Tagg device comes in. Yes, this may be the first ever Crunchwear device that is worn by animals and not humans. Although, one supposes it would work on small-necked humans as well.

Basically, your animals wear the Tagg and it keeps of track of them so you can find them. Here’s how it works. You charge up the Tagg, then strap it to your animal’s existing collar. You define “Tagg Zones”, which map out the places the pet frequents most, like your house and the surrounding yard. If the animal wanders away from the zones you are alerted via text message or email. Not bad right?

This device will launch sometime in September at a suggested price of around $200. Boy, this is going to take the BDSM world by storm. Storm I tell you!