Snapchat Comes to Samsung Galaxy Gear



The Samsung Galaxy Gear is clearly a big deal in the world of smartwatches and smartwatch technology, but it is still in its early days. Because of this, there really aren’t many apps that are available specifically to the Galaxy Gear. Snapchat, the popular picture messaging service, is among the first to release an app to the Galaxy Gear, dubbing the Galaxy Gear version “Snapchat Micro”.

With a release a couple weeks ago, on the 4th of September, many people view the Galaxy Gear as simply another smartwatch that really isn’t going to make a very big impact on the tech world. But that simply is not true because of the fact that Samsung has such a following and has such a large amount of control over the market.

Because of the fact that Samsung is run on Android, we should definitely expect more apps for the device to roll out as time goes on. For now however, there aren’t a very large amount of apps for the Galaxy Gear, save for the apps that come with the device. In fact, Snapchat is one of the first third party apps to come to the Galaxy Gear.

Snapchat was first released in September 2011, and since then has gained a huge following of people. The app continues to get more and more popular, and the release of the app to the Galaxy Gear shows not only that Snapchat is thriving, but also that they believe the Galaxy Gear will be a very successful device.

Users of Snapchat for the Galaxy Gear will have to use the devices camera, which is not a front facing camera. Because of this, Snapchat on the Galaxy Gear might be better for receiving messages rather than sending them.

Keep and eye on the the Galaxy Gear to see what other apps are released to it!