Snapchat Buys Smart Eyewear Company For $15 Million


Hey, remember when Facebook bought Oculus and their Rift virtual reality device for billions upon billions of dollars? Pundits claimed that was only the beginning, that soon all manner of bigwig company would begin snatching up smaller wearable tech companies at a rapid pace. Well, that prediction is starting to come true. Snapchat, everyone’s favorite self-destructing picture sending service, has just gobbled up a company that produces high tech glasses. Ladies and gentlemen, let the deluge begin!

If you aren’t a teenager, or a teenager at heart, you may not even use Snapchat. It’s not a social network, per say, it’s simply a tool that allows users to send pictures without the risk of them ending up all over the Internet. They just bought a company called Epiphany Eyewear, who are known to produce fashion forward specs embedded with HD video cameras. Put two and two together, and you have a brand new way to send secretly recorded HD video anonymously and without repercussion. What’s the worst that could happen?!

Snapchat spent $15 million on the purchase, which is exponentially less than what Facebook spent on Oculus, however glasses embedded with cameras are a mite shy of awesome virtual reality worlds. You can buy the current models produced by Epiphany, which feature 8GB-32GB of onboard storage starting at $299. Good luck and, hey, try not to be skeevy about it.