Smarty Ring Features a Snazzy LED Display


Everywhere you look it is all “smartwatch this” and “smartwatch that.” It’s like the whole world has suddenly gone smartwatch crazy. Of course, by the whole world I of course mean the sector of the world known to be obsessed with wearable technology. The rest of the world still has their heads in the sand. Aint nothing new there. In any event, smartwatches are certain to become big business in the coming months. But what about other forms of smart accessories and jewelry? Can’t there be a smart ring hanging on our finger and giving us all sorts of useful information? Pretty please? OK, fine. Wish granted.

Introducing the appropriately named Smarty Ring. This sassy, attitude-laden ring rests on your finger like any other ring, but thats where the similarities end. The Smart Ring comes equipped with a snazzy LED screen, which makes for easy reading of text messages, emails, notifications and other odds and ends. That’s right. This ring pairs to your smartphone. Now you’ll never have to dig that old thing out of your pocket or purse again, not while this ring is on your everloving finger. The ring also lets you control other aspects of your phone from up to 30 feet away. This means you can plan out elaborate camera shots and do other cool things.

The Smarty Ring isn’t out on jewelry store shelves yet, but you can still order one. You’ll have to head over to Indiegogo, where they’ve set up a fundraising site to obtain monies to finish the darned thing. How much does all of this ring-based goodness cost? Around $175. Here’s a video!