SmartWallit Pro Will Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Smartphone


If there is any one thing that sucks more than most other things, it’s losing our wallet after a drunken and pathetic night out. The only thing that sucks worse? Losing our phone after a drunken and pathetic night out. What can possibly be done to protect us from our own rampant irresponsibility? Certainly we can’t be expected to remember things. We are living in the Internet age. Our brains are more scrambled than Cinemax porn on a random Friday night in 1989(not all of you will get that reference, but I assure you it’s very apt.) In any event, there must be some wearable tech out there to protect us from ourselves. Guess what? There is.

Introducing the useful and stupidly spelled SmartWallit Pro. This handy, dandy wallet not only ensures the safety of itself, and thus all of your cash and credit cards, it also ensures the safety of your smartphone. The wallet is embedded with the latest and greatest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which constantly keeps tabs on itself and your phone via an exclusive app. Don’t worry, the SmartWallit(ugh) is useable with both Android and iOS operating systems, so you won’t be left in the figurative cold as you leave your phone and wallet in the actual cold.

The SW P(that way I don’t have to spell it) isn’t out yet, but should be in consumer’s grubby little hands(and pockets) in the next few months. The creators have gone on Kickstarter to help get finishing funds for the, uh, wallit. You can pre-order one for around $29. In the meantime, just take better care of your stuff.