Smartphones Will Soon Fold Like Paper to Make Them Even More Pocket-Friendly


The trouble with smartphones? They are so, well, phone-like. They are just these, admittedly increasingly and increasingly smaller, bricks that don’t bend or fold at all. How are we to ever be able to slide said phones into our back pocket and sit on it? How are we to ever unfurl our phone into a paper-like map and gaze at the unexplored world like a Google-ified Desartes? In other words, the technology has to advance. Luckily, especially to wearable technology enthusiasts, the technology has finally been unveiled to treat a smartphone as if it were a piece of entirely foldable paper, albeit without the ridiculous penis drawings(hopefully.)

A new working smartphone prototype simply known as PaperFold does exactly what its name implies. It consists of a series of detachable screens that can be folded and unfolded, attached and unattached at will, creating a fully modular smartphone screen that does exactly what the amount of screen real estate available tells it to do. It can be laid on a table and turned into a map or folded extra snug to tuck into even the tiniest of pockets. It could very well change the entire notion of what a smartphone is and what its capabilities are.

The stuff this thing can do is assured to blow your mind, however it’s only a working prototype so you’ll have a few years(at least) to wait until we start seeing this technology actually laying around in our pockets. Here’s hoping Apple beats everyone to the punch and gets it snug in those pockets by the end of 2015 or something .