SmartMove Goes in Your Shoe and Tracks Your Every Move


smartmoveContrary to popular belief, exercise isn’t all sunshine and roses. It can be downright hard and eating nachos as you watch Game of Thrones can be downright easy. We need all the help we can get to get out there and strut our stuff, burn some calories and feel good about ourselves for once in our miserable lives. As such, an entire fitness tracking industry has propped up within the wearable technology sector. But what if you don’t want to wear an armband everywhere you go? They aren’t exactly fashionable. Well, there is now a way you can hide all of this tech in the one place they’ll never look, inside of your shoe.

Introducing SmartMove, a fitness tracking program that sits snugly underneath the sole of your shoe. Most importantly, it counts up all of the time we spend sitting, tabulates it and lets us know in no uncertain terms what lazy slobs we are. That’s always helpful! In all seriousness, sitting too much isn’t too great for your health(says the constantly sitting blogger.) All of this tech comes packed in an actual shoe sole, which can be put inside virtually any shoe, no matter how big or small your feet are. You even have your own personalized coach type robot thingie that you can text with. Cool? Cool! The future is mysterious.

This tech hasn’t gone out to stores yet. As a matter of fact they are still raising funds on a little website known in some circles as Kickstarter. You can preorder your own for around $99, depending on when you do it.