Smartlet Case Turns Your Smartphone Into a Smartwatch


Flash back a few years ago and it seemed like you couldn’t open up the Internet without reading about smartphones. Smartphone this and smartphone that. Nowadays, however, that emphasis has shifted to smartwatches. After all, everyone already has a smartphone. What if you don’t want to spring for a smartwatch just yet, however? What then? Well, you can simply go without. Either that or you can figure out some novel way to actually attach your smartphone to your wrist, thus turning it into a sort of makeshift smartwatch. That’d be pretty cool, but nobody would actually take the time to invent something like that. Right? Right?

Wrong! Introducing the Smartlet, a case that does just that. You slap your smartphone in this bad boy, strap it your wrist and you’ll have yourself your very own smartwatch(well, sorta.) It only works with the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S so if you own an older model you are out of luck. You slide it on your wrist and use the touchscreen functionality just as you would if it was rightside up. Most iOS apps work sideways anyhow so you won’t be missing anything too major. It also comes in multiple colors if you are one of those people who likes to accessorize.

The Smartlet hasn’t strapped itself to any consumers as of yet. It’s not out. You can go to their Kickstarter page and preorder one though. It’ll cost you just $29 for now.