SmartFitty – The Smart Fitness Watch



The wearable tech world has seen hundreds of fitness watches come around, and while many of them are very cool devices, they often seem to carry the same, or many of the same features. The smartwatch industry, however, has not seen as many devices, and companies are just now starting to release products under the name of a smartwatch. Despite this, we haven’t yet seen a true smart fitness watch. Until now. This new product, called the SmartFitty, is just that – one of the worlds first smart fitness watches.

The idea for SmartFitty has been around for a while now. In fact, an Indiegogo campaign for it was launched in June, which was unsuccessful. It ended up gathering about 10% of its goal of $100,000. Despite this drawback, the people behind SmartFitty have announced that they have been able to get funding from private equities, and therefor the September release date for the watch might go ahead after all.

Essentially the watch is like many other smartwatches and can be paired up with the users Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth. It also, like many other smartwatches, has a responsive touch screen. However, unlike other smartwatches, the SmartFitty is optimized for fitness.

The watch monitors your every movement. It can monitor how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone, and how many calories you have burned. Not only that, but users can set goals into the watch, and they are then notified when they have reached their goals.

The SmartFitty doesn’t only monitor you when you’re active. It can also monitor your sleep patterns, which can track your light and deep sleep cycles, allowing you to know how much good sleep you’ve been getting, and allowing you to adjust your lifestyle accordingly to optimize your productivity.

The SmartFitty watch also includes an accelerometer and a precision motion tracker to better monitor the wearers movements, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS phones, which it connects to via Bluetooth 4.0. Not only that, but the watch is supposed to be able to hold a charge for up to 7 days, but this is yet to be officially confirmed.

Right now the watch is still only a prototype, but it’s supposed to be officially released in September. Could this watch fill a niche for fitness tracking devices that other devices can’t fill? We are sure to find out!

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