Smart underwear gives you a shock in order to keep you healthy


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Sometimes you gotta hurt someone in order to help them. In the immortal words of just about every fitness trainer ever, “no pain, no gain.” It is in that spirit that the burgeoning field of, um, underwear technology has announced an interesting new contestant in the “ouch! that smarts!” competition. Introducing magic underwear that administers electric shocks to the wearer. Don’t worry! It shocks because it cares.

Doctors at the University of Calgary have developed these shocking undies in order to help patients deal with the ever-present threat of bed sores. Invalid individuals and those being treated with long-term care are in particular risk with developing them, and this underwear is sure to help. Here’s how it works. The underwear features two pads of electrodes that deliver a low zap of electricity for 10 seconds every 10 minutes for 12 hours a day. The shocks serve as a constant reminder for the patient to shift around, thus eliminating bed sores.

Your precious butt cheeks will have to remain unshocked for now, as this underwear is still in clinical trials. These trials, however, have showed a whole heap of promise. Not a single patient involved in the trials have developed a bed sore. This is great news for not only the bed-ridden, but also the very lazy! Someone fire up the Netflix Instant. It’s time for another marathon LOST session. Watch a video of the undies in action below.