Smart Socks Coming to A Foot Near You


Your socks already do a lot of useful things. After all they keep your shoes clean, they keep your feet warm and they keep those nasty prickers from getting inside your foot by taking the hit for you. But, could your socks be doing more for you?

One company, Heapsylon, is hoping that they can. The company, which was founded by three workers who are formerly of tech giant Microsoft, are getting into a new kind of soft, the wearable kind. The company has spent the last three years working on  a smart fabric that they have turned into a pair of very geek friendly socks. The socks are laced with sets of sensors that are designed to help track how fit your are.

The only problem with this plan as far as I can tell…. you’ll need more than one pair, or you’ll have some stinky sensors on your hands soon. But the company is working on that Sensoria smart sock and anklet work in concert so that you can change up your socks without losing too much data.

Source: GigaOm
Image: Morgue File