Smart shoes alert runners on their bad habits



Professional runners spend hours upon hours perfecting their technique. on top of that they spend thousands of dollars on hiring trainers. People who start training to run for the first time are often prone to running injuries and often won’t know what their doing wrong. This is certainly also true of professionals. Well a team from a German company called Fraunhofer aims to change that, and they’re doing it with a pair of smart shoes.

Essentially, the shoes are designed to let the wearer know how to improve their technique, eventually helping them avoid injury. The shoes are jam packed full of technology that helps them do this. The most important parts of this technology include a GPS and accelerometers, which detect data that is then logged and made available for view via a smartphone app.

Both a prototype of the shoe and an app have been created, and the team behind the project is hoping to release the product for consumer use in 2015. Before that launch, however, the shoe has a long way to go, and the team at Fraunhofer aims to make the sensors and electronics smaller, yet still waterproof and lightweight.