This Smart Jewelry Keeps You Emotionally Close To Your Loved Ones


They say that having people you care about is important. They say that in the end the love you receive is equal to the love you give. They say that pizza is delicious. They say a lot of things. However, those things? Totally true. Loved ones are beyond important. They are essential. Still, in this modern, hectic world, it’s easy to get your emotions lost in the shuffle. It’s just easy to, you know, not express them to the people you care about. Technology brings us closer together in some ways, but further apart in other ways. However, maybe there is tech on the horizon that can reverse that trend. Here is a novel attempt.

Magnet is, essentially, a line of smart jewelry that intends to keep you closer than ever before with a loved one of your choosing. That’s because they come in pairs and, like two parts of a heart locket. However, you don’t keep in touch via traditional means like those found on a smartphone or tablet. There is no texting or photo sharing here. There is, however, an interesting way to quite literally share your emotions. You see, each Magnet is equipped with low-power Bluetooth and the ability to vibrate and light up a specific order. This makes it easy to share inside information, such as how you are feeling on a given day. It’s pretty cool.

The Magnet can be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet and, in case you aren’t into adornment, can also be held aloft like a gold nugget. The creators haven’t released the thing yet but you can get in on the ground floor by heading on over to their Kickstarter. Pre-order your own for around