This Smart-Jacket Turns You Into a Cyborg


With all of the smartwatches and smartglasses flowing down the pike, one would think that accessories are the only things wearable technology has on offer. However, that is not the case. Every once in a while the industry turns its eye to, you know, clothing. There was a time when all kinds of kitschy shirts and shoes were being announced but that time has fizzled somewhat in the last couple of years as investors have started to see where the money is. Don’t let that stop you, inventors! Speaking of unstoppable inventors, here is a guy who invented a smart-jacket that is not only functional but also cool(in a Fonzie sort of way.)

Introducing the Personal Pi Jacket, which is named due to the Raspberry Pi operating system and not a personal pizza. This jacket is a hodge podge of a whole bunch of technologies. It has many crevices and pockets and each of these hides another useful technology. What kind of tech does this hopefully non-shark-jumping jacket provide? It features a capable webcam, mini keyboard, tons of USB connectors, speakers, an arm display, the ability to issue hands free voice commands and, of course, a solar charger. What kind of cool jacket would it be if you had to plug it in to charge it? No, the sun will do just fine, thank you.

The Personal Pi isn’t out yet at your favorite smart jacket retailer(?!) However, you can donate to the cause by heading on down to this handy, dandy Kickstarter page. Doing so will net you some decidedly not smart t-shirts and stickers.