Here is a Smart Insole That Prevents Knee Injury


Getting older sucks. There are no two ways about it. The things you thought were rock solid about life, like the ability to be able to traverse solid rocks, are no longer etched in stone. Your legs start to give and you realize that your walking and running gait better resembles a lobster in mid-trot than a human being. What can be done to prevent this rapid deterioration, however? Throw on some smart insoles and find out exactly what you are doing wrong with every step, of course.

The appropriately named Stridalyzer works its magic to, uh, analyze your stride. Its a pair of smart insoles that you tuck in your shoe, just like any old insole. However, these insoles are packed to the gills with sensors and tech-heavy thingamabobbies. Before too long, you’ll be given all sorts of useful information about your gait, your steps and your over all walking and running form. You’ll find out where you are putting undue pressure and if you are in any danger of injury. The whole thing works with a related smartphone app, per usual, so you can peruse your info with ease.

Don’t go lunging over to your favorite smart insole store just yet, however. These haven’t jogged to store shelves as of yet. The makers have taken to Kickstarter, instead, to drum up pre-orders, where they’ve blown through the initial funding amount in mere days. You can hit snag your own for around $90, with a ship date expected in April.