SMART Helmet Combines Tech in a Smart Way!


For most of us a bike helmet is just that, an ordinary bike helmet. But for anyone who takes the time to purchase a SMART helmet, that ‘ordinary’ transforms into an ‘extraordinary’ with the addition of modern technological features designed for cyclists. The helmet was created by Tel-Aviv owned LifeBEAM which also works on smart helmets for the air force. In fact, part of the technology used in SMART is known as Quantum, a sensing system developed by LifeBEAM for the air force. While not as fully functional as in the air force helmets, we can utilize the same technology for biking.


What Does it Do

The SMART helmet protects your head just like an ordinary helmet with certified plastics, foam padding, and cushion on the inside. What makes it special is that the helmet is also fitted with a Quantum sensor that monitors the wearers heart rate and then communicates that data to the wearers phone, sports watch, or other device via bluetooth, essentially taking the place of a heart rate band that can cause discomfort and costs extra.


How Does it Work

The SMART helmet is essentially a very simple device. It features a single 3 axis sensor on the forehead of the helmet. When the biker puts it on, it touches the forehead and then can use the pulse to calculate and monitor heart rate. The three axis sensor allows the helmet to differentiate between motion and pulse, so that the biker gets a correct estimate.


Currently that is the SMART’s only real feature, but it is a great one for those who plan to keep track of their heart rate. LifeBEAM is also talking about integrating future technology into the bike helmet with GPS, crash detection, display screen for apps, and bicycle locater all among the suggested features for future versions. Because the current version finished it’s IndieGoGo campaign a full $15,000 ahead of the goal, we can most likely expect to see these newer versions sooner rather than later.

For now, the SMART is a perfect integration of a device that most people want to bring along with one that people have to bring along. Plus, it’s more comfortable than a chest strap, offers CE, CPSC, and AS certification, and a well ventilated build.

Getting One

Currently the SMART helmet is not up for sale on a specific website, but it should be soon. The IndieGoGo campaign ended on April 30th and the helmet can now be preordered on the page. Currently it costs $199 with free shipping worldwide  and is available in sizes Medium and Large. It can also be purchased with Bluetooth or ANT connectivity, so it is compatible with pretty much any device on the market. Currently the helmet is only available in black, although more colors might soon be hitting the market.

What do you think? Is the SMART helmet worth it? Or do you prefer to wait for a more advanced version with extra features? Either way, the helmet is certainly popular with hundreds already pre-ordered.