Smart Fabrics Company Bio


sfap.jpgSmart Fabrics is a company, which is the primary sales development agent & distributor of Eleksen products within the Australia / New Zealand region.It has offices in Sydney & Melbourne and the team is focusing on developing the usage of Eleksen’s ElekTex technology in consumer & commercial products. Their mission is to work closely with manufacturers to develop & incorporate Eleksen’s Smart Fabric Technology into a wide range of products across many different industries.

In addition to this, they are also the distributor of the G-Tech brand that you will know very well from our product introductions over the last year. As you can see in our categories of Bags, Backpacks and Keyboards, G-Tech is one of the most active brands in Wearable Electronics.

Why are we writing here about Smart Fabrics (the company)?

Firstly, this company helps to bring Wearable Electronic products to us consumer.

Secondly, Smart Fabrics just announced in a press release today that Smart Fabrics Asia Pacific has been awarded the exclusive distributorship for the product range within the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Rod Tanks, CEO of Smart Fabrics says: “we’re delighted to be able to take this remarkable technology to the broader APAC region. These show-case consumer applications will be instrumental in expanding manufacturing industry knowledge and take-up of the ElekTex ‘touch-sensitive’ fabric technology”

“Obviously there is massive retail potential for the G-Tech Keyboards and iPod Control Bags amongst the techno-hungry populations to our immediate North – particularly the commuting business communities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia”, he added.

This is great news for the Wearable Electronic consumer. Easier availability means having the choice each time we go out and look for a new bag.

Let’s hope that the US and good old Europe will have soon a similar/the same company to be covered as well with Wearable Electronic goods choices.