This Smart Fabric Will Put Sensors in Everything You Own


Aren’t you sick and tired of your fabric being about as dumb as a bag of bricks? It’s about time the actual fabric that make up the body of the clothes we wear jump on the smart train. After all, our watches, phones and everything else has already made the leap. Why not the stuff that binds together to create our jeans, shirts and pantsuits? Well, it is happening, slowly but surely. Embedding your garden variety textile with all manner of digital doodad is a trend that has been quietly picking up steam behind the scenes. As a matter of fact, here is a cool piece of innovation right here.

Introducing Bebop, no relation to the TMNT villain, the smart fabric of your futuristic dreams. Essentially, these pieces of fabric come with a bevy of sensors stitched right into the, uh, stitch. The result? Clothes made by using this fabric can keep an eye on a whole bunch of factors, without the need for a cumbersome armband or whatever. It mostly handles vital stats like bending, location, movement and pressure, however it can one day be upgraded to keep an eye on environmental stats as well. The creators see this tech finding a lot of use in clothing, obviously, but also in things like yoga mats, where it could be used to ensure you are performing poses correctly.

Therein lies the snag (da dum dum.) The makers of this smart fabric are handling the fabric only and not the myriad of uses. In short, while this fabric will shortly be available to manufacturers, it depends on them making good of it. So, yeah, you won’t be seeing products created with Bebop fabric for quite some time. 2016 maybe? We’ll keep an eye on it for you.