These Smart Earrings Keep an Eye (or Ear) on Your Health


Earrings, usually meant for ladies or your one cool guidance counselor, have been auspiciously absent from the wearable technology boom. Why not, one wonders? They are already usually made out of some kind of metal, which makes it the perfect foil for microchips and all of that jazz. Of course, this is not entirely true. Some tech artists out there have begun using the humble earring as their playground. However, there hasn’t been anything coming down the pike that was realistically useful. That is about to change. Here is a pair of earrings that keeps an eye on your health as good or better than any dedicated tracker band out there.

The playfully named Ear-O-Smart, deveoped by a Canadian company called Biosensive Technologies, is a pair of high tech earrings that keep an eye on your vitals. What does it do, exactly? Well, according to the company, these earrings are more accurate than fitness bands due to the fact that they aren’t moving around all of the time and laying flush against your skin. So, on that note, you can expect these earrings to keep track of heart rate, sleep quality, how long you’ve walked and other odds and ends. As usual, it connects your iOS or Android phones so you can glance at your healthful vitals whenever you want.

The makers of these earrings have taken to Kickstarter to raise finishing funds. You can get in on the ground floor by pre-ordering your own pair for around $110. So, uh, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make those ears smart, although you’d think they would already be fairly intelligent, what with their proximity to the brain and all. Oh well.