Smart Diapers are Coming


Pixie Diapers

The odds are good that when you picture wearable tech you think of an adult, or maybe a fashion forward higher income teen. Some of you may be thinking about a pet. The odds are good that almost none amount you pictured a baby. One company, Pixie Scientific, is looking to change that image and bring the youngest of us all in on one of the youngest branches of mobile technology. Their product is called the Smart Diaper.

What does the Smart Diaper do? Sorry, it’s not self changing. According to the company the diaper can be used to, “Once a day just scan the front of a wet Smart Diaper with your phone.  It takes less than ten seconds to take your phone out of your back pocket, scan, and put the phone back – we’ve timed it 😉  Our algorithms instantly begin to analyze the data, while you can put your phone back in your pocket and change your child.  A role of our kidneys is to filter specific solutes from blood.  By taking useful data from a wet Smart Diaper, we make use of something that would normally be thrown directly into the trash.  Smart Diapers alert you to certain conditions that require immediate attention and also track your child’s health for months or years, automatically looking for emerging trends.”

So who knows, maybe one day we will all be tracked from our first day to our last.

Image and Source: Pixie Scientific