Smart clothing is on the way!

Rainbow Slouchy

A new range of smart clothing including embedded electronic tags is on the way from UK retailer Slouchy.

The company, based in Bath UK, produces bespoke wearable blankets, sheepskin boots and accessories, sold through their online store. The range is due to be supplemented next month with a new hooded blanket, embedded with Apple’s new Tag technology. This will allow buyers to purchase any of the Slouchy range of oversized hoodies or waterproof changing robes with the added assurance that they can track them if lost via their phones.

Slouchy’s CEO, Lisa Doerr, comments “We know that our customers value our luxury products, and we want to ensure that if they can’t find them (for wherever reason) then there is a way to trace them. That’s where the Apple Tag technology comes in.”

The Slouchy Hoodies with embedded Apple Tag technology starts at £54.00 and is available from the Slouchy website.