Here is a Smart Basketball That Tracks Your Every Shot


In case you haven’t been paying any attention to world events, we are deep in the midst of basketball season. Each and every night among the fantastical players of the NBA, shots get swished, balls get dunked and Spike Lee gets angry. Professional players are good, real good. After all, they have the best coaches and equipment money can buy. Is there any way the rest of us can get some of that wicked basketball advice? There must be some sort of gadget available for that purpose, right? Don’t worry. There is. Smart basketballs are almost upon us, ya’ll!

Wilson, who you may remember for their Oscar-winning performance in the Tom Hanks classic Castaway, have finally unveiled a smart basketball on the world. Sure, it’s not exactly “wearable” but being as how its a novel new form of fitness tracking, we figured we’d give it a write up. What’s so special about a smart basketball? Does it tell the time, take photos or interact with your blasted social media accounts? No on all counts, it does keep track of each and every shot you make with it, however. It then beams that info to a related smartphone app, which you can peruse at ease to get the most out of your practice sessions.

Wilson hasn’t announced a release date for the nifty ball, but one would assume it wouldn’t be too long. Until that time, we can always duct tape a smartwatch to a regular basketball. What could possibly go wrong?