Small Team Creates First Smartwatch That Can Make Calls and Has a Camera



The technology world is going bonkers for smartwatches, with devices such as the rumored iWatch and the Sony Smartwatch 2 making technology news headlines almost on a daily basis. Recently an Indian team who form a company called Androidly created a smartwatch of his own. In fact, he created a smartwatch that outdoes a lot of smartwatches currently on the market in many respects.

The Androidly Watch is in fact the first smartwatch on the market to be able to do a number of things. Firstly, you can make and take calls directly from the watch. Secondly, it’s the first smartwatch in the world to feature a built in camera. It’s also the first smartwatch to have full Android features, and most apps that can be run on an Android phone can also be run on the Androidly watch. Last of all, it has connectivity features such as GPS and WiFi that most other smartwatches simply do not have. These things make for a very interesting device indeed!

The ability to make and take calls directly from your wrist is certainly a welcome one. It means that users won’t have to take their smartphone out of their pockets whenever they get a call, which, depending on how popular that person is, can get a little frustrating. This also represents a new era in technology – the smartwatch era. Who knows, maybe soon people won’t need a phone at all.

The camera is also an interesting addition. While I can see it being a little difficult to get the right angle when taking a photo, the camera could certainly come in handy for things like video calls.

The device also includes the ability to connect to WiFi and use GPS, which is a very interesting feature, and one that could come in handy when, for example, riding a bike. It would certainly be a lot safer to use GPS on a watch than on your phone while riding your bike.

While the device does feature the use of Android, and is the first to do so, it uses Android 2.2 which is a rather old version of the operating system, which will mean that a lot of apps on Google Play will not be available to Androidly users. Despite this, it is still the worlds first watch to feature full Android capabilities, which is no small feat.

The device also includes a speaker and microphone, which is great for making calls, but also means that the device will not be able to take much in the way of liquids. In fact it would be appropriate to keep the device away from liquids at all times, and get into the habit of doing so, as if you take the watch off to shower, for example, it will likely get ruined.

Other features of the device include 256MB of RAM, which is a lot more than almost all smartwatches, either 8 or 16GB of storage, which is huge and comparable to most smartphones, and the ability to use Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi. It’s really amazing that so much technology has been packed into such a small device. The display itself is touch sensitive, and is a 2 inch display.

Now, when I say that the device is small I mean for something that has so much packed into it. The device is actually rather bulky for a watch, which is important to consider if you are looking at pre-ordering one or donating to their Kickstarter for one.

The device was designed by an Indian team of very young people. In fact, the oldest member of the Androidly team is only 24! It is amazing that such a young team have created a device that is expected to rival tech giants such as Sony, and maybe even Apple if we see the much rumored iWatch soon!