Skullcandy Singing Backpack


packsblackwhite.jpgA ultra-cool backpack from Skullcandy, a company that has a range of Wearable Electronic technology enabled Backpacks in their mobile entertainment product line.

Plug your mobile phone and MP3 player (any model will work) into the Skullcandy LINK Backpack, and you are ready to play your favorite tunes through the speakers embedded in the upper straps of the bag. When you receive a call, you can switch off the music completely or just reduce the volume with the control buttons in the shoulder strap and take your call via the answer button on the soft-touch panel in the shoulder strap.

Four AA batteries power the electronic for the speaker. The LINK Backpack has dedicated pockets with connection plugs for the iPod, or any portable Audio player even CD-Player and your mobile phone – any mobile phone will work, according to Skullcandy.

We can imagine that in some cases and locations, broadcasting of your music will not be desired, like wise with your phone conversations. In this situations you can listen to music and your phone through by connecting a headset – for private listening.

If you get easily thirsty as you hike or ride your bike, the Skullcandy H20 Pack is the choice for you. It has the same audio/mobile phone functions as the LINK but comes with a built-in water-tight container that holds 72 ounces of water. A sturdy straw runs down the length of one strap, so you can drink whenever you want without stopping with whatever you do at the moment.

We say: check it out if you are friend of the great outdoors or a very active street warrior. This might be the Backpack you have been looking for a long time.

The LINK Backpack is available in three colors (white / green / black) for $ 169.95 direct on Scullcandy’s online store.

The H20 Pack is listed with $ 149.95 but not available as of the writing of this post.