Skullcandy LINK Street Pack


Skullcandy LINK Street Pack

The LINK Street Pack is the latest and greatest iPod enabled backpack Skullcandy has released so far. Made of ballistic nylon, the LINK Street Pack has a switch panel sewn into the shoulder-strap to control power, volume and phone function for handsfree chatting.

Any iPod starting from the G4 up to the latest shiny iPod Touch will work with the LINK Street Pack.

But wait, that’s not all!

This bad boy is fully armed with an AA battery-powered amplifier that fires sound out of 60mm speakers embedded in the upper straps.

These specially tooled water-proof speakers along with a Mobile-Mic buried in the strap allows you to listen to music and take phone calls completely hands and headset free!

This is a new way to integrate sound into backpacks. The speaker are close to your head and form a sound bubble around you. Great in places where you better still hear what’s going on around you but want to listen to your tunes.

The LINK Street Pack is designed for the students or working professional with ample room to throw textbooks or notebooks in it. The pack is specifically designed to hold up to 17″ laptops, power cable and other stuff you need for your work.

The great pack concept that combines work and fun in a great looking way.

Skullcandy, one of the coolest brands on the block for street wear and sound accessories have now woven sound into your lifestyle backpack.

Available in Black/Camo for $ 149.99 by this online shop.