Singbox SV-606 speaker/MP3 player combo lets you hold your favorite music


You know what the problem is with boomboxes? They are too big. John Cusak would have had more mobility at the end of Say Anything if he was holding these bad boys. Korean manufacturer Singbox presents their SV-606, the portable, holdable speaker that is also an MP3 player.

It works just how it sounds like it does. You load music on to it. Then you hold it and walk around your neighborhood. Stares ensue. Dancing, hopefully, ensues. They work via a micro-SD card so they can hold as many songs as your card allows. Although, you really only need the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. You will be walking around your neighborhood, after all.

As you can see, they come in a rainbow of colors. Pick your favorite and get going! Your neighbors are waiting.