Sinch finally solves the age old headphone cable problem, millions of city dwellers cheer


Until that day in the near future when we are able to live an 100 percent wireless existence, we are going to need cables. Just the word is enough to send shivers up a techie’s spine. Cables. Harrowing isn’t it? They get everywhere. They take forever to de-tangle and given just a few minutes alone with a feline they will break faster than you can withdraw twenty dollars out of the ATM. The worst offender? Headphone cables. They can’t even realistically fit in your pocket which has forced more than one masculine gentleman to carry around a fannypack. Screw fannypacks! Enter the Sinch, the solution to your headphone cable nightmares.

The Sinch is an elegently designed headphone cable manager for use with any iPod or smartphone. Any time travelers out there who still use a Sony Walkman? It’ll work for that too. Basically it consists of a thin piece of rubber with two magnets on the end. You plug the headphones in to your device, slap one of the magnets on said device, wrap the headphones around it and then close. Simple, refined and, more importantly, functional. You’ll never worry about headphone cables again. It’s just one of those stupid things you wish you had thought of first. Of course, neither of us did so we’ll have to wait even longer to own that gold-plated helicopter/hot tub. Sigh.

It must be noted that, even though this device is magnetized, it will not hinder performance on any known device. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It exists and you can buy one now. The only drawback? They are priced a bit steep, at around $16. Still, considering the headphones you’ll save from certain doom it just might be worth it. Check below for a review and some images.