Siemens Aquaris hearing aid finally brings sound under water


To the hearing impaired, hearing aids have been a major boon. These gadgets quite literally give them their life back. The only dark side to hearing aids? They tend to not be water proof. You accidentally drop one in a cup of coffee, or a boisterous teen pushes you into a pool? You, and your wallet, are flat out of luck. Luckily, the ever-advancing world of wearable tech is on the case. Any Jacques Cousteaus out there should be paying special attention.

Never again shall you have to forgo a game of beach volleyball or a quick swim around the block. Siemens has created a hearing aid that is water resistant, able to remain fresh and fancy free submerged for more than thirty minutes without damage. Introducing the Aquaris. This hearing aid is specifically designed to work in locations that are wet, dusty and sandy. Watertight seals keep the bad stuff out and keep the hearing of stuff in. The hearing aid can also stream audio directly from a source with VoiceLink, a Bluetooth transmitter and microphone. This would be useful in swimming classes and other activities where you never used to dare wear your hearing aid. The lag while using this feature clocks in at a negligible 20 milliseconds. That is essentially real time.

Of course, all of this high tech comes at a price. An Aquaris hearing aid will set you back a cool $2,500. Of course, regular hearing aids that are not waterproof still cost a whole lot so it is not as if this price is unheard of. They are available now. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go swimming and talk to one another!