Should Wearable Tech be Open to App Developers?


App Guy

Apps are a big deal. As a matter of fact they can be a multi-million dollar industry for developers, and a multi-billion dollar one for the distributors. For the current generation of mobile devices apps are where it is at. It is what makes the devices worthwhile for many of us.

But what about mobile devices? For the most part current technology comes with software made only by the hardware developer. Some options, such as Google Glass, are opening up to developers slowly. They are also coming up with some interesting problems on defining the limits of what apps should and should not be.

While opening up app development will give devices a wider range of functionality, and a bigger set of features to draw consumers to the nascent field these devices have the potential to store, or transmit, a stunning level of personal data.

So, should wearable tech be opened up to developers and where are the limits? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments!


Source: Read Write

Image: Morgue File