Shoe-Shelter is a Pair of Sneakers That is Also a Tent



Let’s run a scenario by you for a second, shall we? You find yourself trapped on a remote island with nothing but a anthropomorphic volleyball to keep you company. You are doing fine during the day. There is boar to hunt and bananas to eat. What do you do at night, however? You need shelter, especially when those tropical thunderstorms start brewing. It’s not as if your stupid pair of sneakers can help, right? They would only be useful if you were a adorable shelter-seeking mouse. Hey, not so fast there Fievel. There are now sneakers that transform into a fully functional tent(really.)

Introducing the aptly named Shoe-Shelter sneakers. It’s a pair of shoes. It’s a tent. It’s a transforming monstrosity that is both a pair of shoes and a tent. Created by the Sibling Design Collective, the Shoe-Shelter is a novel approach to killing two birds with one stylish stone. To assemble the tent, the wearer unfurls the tent sections and connects them together with a zipper. The makers of said hybrid says the tent is designed to fit up three people. That’s great for that anthropomorphic volleyball. It can bring along a few friends.

The Shoe-Shelters was created for a one-off for Gorman, so you can forget about getting your grimy mitts on a pair. In the meantime you’ll have to just, uh, duct tape a huge tent to your current shoes and hope for the best. When in doubt, duct it!