Shine Activity Tracker Can Be Worn Any Way You Want


We all, for better or for worse, do some kind of ‘activity’ throughout the day. This could include getting out there and walking around or whatever, or it could include sitting on a couch, ordering pizza and watching entire seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in one sitting(hey, that counts!) No matter what you do for activity, you are gonna need some kind of gadget to track it. Thankfully, the wearable technology industry has dozens upon dozens of options for you to choose from. Sometimes, however, you gotta choose where to put the dang thing. They have bracelets. They have watches. They have weird shoes. How can one choose? Well, here is some wearable tech that doesn’t make you choose. It does all of it.

Introducing the Shine by Misfits Wearables. This vitality tracker can transform from watch to bracelet and to necklace to pin or even to something that hangs out in your pocket. The choosy sky is the choosy limit with this one. The form factor is also pretty cool, featuring an all-aluminum chassis that simply won’t go out of style. It syncs up with your smartphone for instant activity perusal and is even waterproof if you are one of those weird people known as swimmers. In short, it has all of the bells and whistles of your above average vitality tracker with the enhanced benefit of a transformable exterior. Pretty cool.

The Shine device is available now at the fairly reasonable price of $119. Winter is almost over, so you had better get that beach bod ready to go. Well, it’s either that or go back to the Netflix(yes!)