ShaveTech razor charges via USB to give you that freshly Googled look


Puzzle me this, tough guy. You want to shave on the go but your electric shaver only works while being plugged in to a power source. How yesteryear, right? You want to be Charlie from Party of Five, not pill-addled Jack from LOST so what do you do? Stick around your house with a shaver in your hand like some kind of freaking idiot? Hell no. You are a 21st century man. You have places to go, people to fire and hot girls to impress. Is there any solution to this age old problem?!

Why yes. Yes there is. A new company called ShaveTech have finally brought cleaning up our wretched faces into the future. Introducing their ShaveTech electric razor, the first electric razor that is powered exclusively through any USB port. The benefits? Well, this thing is tiny. It’s easy to throw it into your luggage or briefcase and forget about it. Just give it a quick USB charge via your PC some time earlier in the day and your face-fur is going to rue the day it decided to grow on you. It plugs in via any standard USB cord so you don’t need to pack anything extra. Now you well and truly have no excuse for looking like a homeless person. Come on, get your act together!

The ShaveTech electric razor clocks in at just $39 and comes with a fairly sleek carrying pouch. It looks like a cell phone and the pouch helps make that distinction in your brain. It would do no good to answer an important business call with a razor. It would do no good at all.