Shapeways preps a contest-winning iPhone case made by 3D printer


sweatercase 1
While ostensibly light on meaning for wearable technology enthusiasts, the world of 3D printing has still been gaining steam and is well on the road to mass acceptance. Once this tech is in place, however, it could be truly a boon for the wearable tech set. Imagine all of the cool doodads these printers can make that can in turn be attached to our bodies? It will start as a trickle, certainly, but will soon transform into a mighty ocean. The trickle portion is already upon us.

Shapeways, who are experts in creating cool stuff for 3D printers, recently held a contest for an iPhone case. They ended up getting tons of submissions, almost more than they could handle. The end result? The winner was a deliciously elegant “knitted sweater” case that will soon be sold on the site. The case comes in four different colors and looks like a cross between a hand-knitted craft project and chainmail. The outer edges of the case are sturdy and the space between is more flexible. Anyone with a 3D printer can simply print out the case and before long snap it on their iPhone lickedetysplit. Technology is cool.

You can also buy it directly from the site. They have 3D printers on hand, after all. The cost then? Around $75. Kind of steep for an iPhone case but, hey, you can say you are part of technological history! That certainly is something.