Sensosolutions Sensoglove is world’s first digital golf glove


The war for glove supremacy has been raging for a while now, and now German company Sensosolutions has issued yet another volley. The appropriately titled Sensoglove has been called the “World’s first digital golf glove.” This very well may be true.

The $89 SensoGlove comes packed to the gills with sensors. These sensors purport to continuously read your grip pressure, helping you golfers(and would-be stranglers) out there get the best grip you can get. The data comes back to you in real-time on an included 1.2 inch display screen. The gloves then warn you if you are gripping too tight or making any of the other million mistakes a golfer can make. It even shows which fingers are committing the odious error.

It is available now and could be just the thing to make your golfing buddies light up with jealous rage. Just make sure to buy them a beer on the 19th hole later on.