These Sensors Let Ballerinas Paint While They Dance


Most of the time, here at Crunchwear, we like to cover wearable technology that is pretty functional. Fitness trackers, smartwatches and other odds and ends usually fall into this camp. Once in a while, however, we like to shine a light on something that is remarkably fun but also remarkably, uh, useless. After all, we can’t get to a fully realized high tech future without breaking a few cyber eggs in the process. On that note, here is something unique and wearable that won’t change the world, but may just make the talk around the water cooler flow a little smoother.

Here are some sensors that are intended to be worn on the feet of ballerinas. These Arduino-equipped sensors allow said ballerinas to, uh, draw stuff as they pirouette around the room like a graceful dove or whatever. They record pressure and movement whenever they touch the ground and, thanks to accompanied app, translate that pressure and movement into drawings. It’s a brand new way to make art while you are already making art! It’s an artistic paradox. As far as real life applications, dancers can use the app to view their dance routine, as seen in line drawings, so they can compare where things went wrong or right. Hey, that’s useful! 

They are called Electronic Traces and the whole thing is a project by a dance student by the name of Lesia Trubat. The designer hopes that one day they could be used to bring an additional layer to dance performances. Here’s to hoping!