Sensoria Smart Socks Make Fitness More Geeky


Most runners know that their weakest points are their knees and their feet. Of the some 20 million runners in the U.S., 60-70 percent suffer foot problems and injuries each year, and there are very few technologies to combat it, but Sensoria’s socks do. In fact, they not only give you the information you need to avoid foot injury, they do a lot more too. In fact, they might just knock your socks off.


What Are They?

Sensoria’s Smart Socks have been in development for two years and are now in the prototype phase. Currently, the socks feature electrode sensors woven into the fabric that constantly monitor and take information and then transfer it to your mobile and home computer. What data do they take? What don’t they take! Sensoria’s smart socks monitor your speed, your distance, count how many steps you’ve taken, monitor your running technique, weight distribution, foot form, and more.
Best of all, these socks are just that, ordinary socks. They look, feel, and fit just like your regular sports socks. The only difference is that they also come with an anklet that you snap around the top of your socks over your shoe. In fact, you can even throw your Sensoria socks in the wash, just don’t mix them one and one with a regular sock. Features include:sara_running

  • Cadence Metronome
  • Foot Landing Gauge
  • Stride Analyzer
  • Social Sharing

How do They Work?

The Sensoria Smart Socks work using standard electrode sensors that are woven into the fabric using metallic threading. These sensors , and the sensors in the anklet use traditional accelerometer and GPS technology to track distance, impact, and angle. Essentially it replaces a pedometer and accelerometer, allowing buyers to cut down on the number of gadgets they need, and save space.

The anklet itself is a locking cuff that is ‘one size fits most’. It contains sensors, and most of the technology that translates the data from the socks to the phone, allowing you to view it whenever you like.


The information gathered by the socks and anklet are transferred in real time via Bluetooth to a smartphone, and to a computer when connected to WiFi or plugged in. Owners can choose to use either or both to see how well they run, and to see corrections that they can make in order to improve their running.


How to Get Them

Sensoria’s fitness socks were actually up on IndieGoGo from June to August of 2013, where they earned about 40% more than the original funding goal. Socks start to ship out in March of 2014, and then should hit stores soon after.
The socks cost $99 each for one pair of socks and the anklet and the app. Additional socks are $59 for three pairs, and users do have to supply their own smartphone. Some of the socks might also crop up in various sports stores later, as Sensoria does have wholesale options listed on their site.

Sensoria Smart Socks are not only easy to wear, they’re also the first of their kind. So far, they are the only sports gadget to tell you not only how hard and fast you’re working out, but also how well you’re working out. Therefore you can improve your stride, reduce impact, and reduce injury no matter what it is you are doing.