Sensordrone keychain sensor turns your smartphone into a Star Trek tricorder


Let’s run down a list of technology featured on Star Trek, shall we? An advanced computer that can access any and all information at any time. Yeah we pretty much have that already. Teleportation aka Scotty’s beloved beaming? Scientists are working on it. What’s left? Faster than light travel. We aren’t even close. Holodeck. Unless you count Google’s Project Glass, we have a far way to go on that front as well. There’s one Trek tech we are about to capture in earnest though. The catch-all environmental monitoring device, the tricorder. Beverly Crusher would be pleased, were she to actually exist.

A group of very smart individuals have designed the tricorder, which they are calling the Sensordrone. Here is how it works: You attach it to your keychain and it syncs up with your smartphone to monitor all kinds of things. The sky is the limit as to what this thing that can do. It can monitor temperatures, gas levels, blood alcohol levels, the weather, carbon monoxide levels, air pressure, light intensity and just about anything else. The software involved is open source so it really depends on what people eventually think up. In time we could have one handy device that measures the entire world around us. In short, it’d be a tricorder.

A device this cool is, of course, not yet available. The industrious inventors have put the project up on Kickstarter, where they’ve already doubled their investment goal. If you donate around $150 to their cause you can be sure to be one of the first people in the world that gets their hands on a Sensordrone when its finished. What’ll they think of next? The Borg?!