SenseGiz Star tells your contacts when you crash



Fitness monitoring devices are being released almost weekly, and it can often seem like they all have similar functions. Well there’s one fitness monitoring device that does something different – it alerts your contacts when you crash. It’s called the SenseGiz Star, and it’s recently been named a finalist for the Everyday Health Awards for Innovation.

The SenseGiz Star has a number of features that one would expect from a fitness device. It can track things like how many steps you take, how far you travel and the number of calories burned. Not only that, but it can also differentiate between light sleep and deep sleep so you can see how much quality sleep you’re getting per night. The device is water resistant and is active 24/7.

But all those features you would expect from a fitness monitoring device.

Where the SenseGiz Star really proves itself as a different device is in its crash alert technology. The device can sense crash-level forces and sends an alert to your emergency contacts through a paired smartphone app. Instead of sending a text message, the device sends an alarm alert for instant recognition of the fact that there’s an emergency. In the event that there’s an emergency that’s not related to a crash or fall, the device has a built in emergency button that the wearer can press to alert their emergency contacts.

The crash tracking function of the device make it ideal for athletes who are in sports with a higher risk of falling such as cycling or skiing. Not only that, but it could also be used by someone who is disabled or elderly.

When the device is not being used to track your sports activities or alert contacts of an emergency, it can be paired with your smartphone and be used as a gesture controlled smartwatch. The owner of the device can customize the controls, but things like tapping the device to place a phone call are examples of the kind of gestures that can be used.

Finally, the device acts as, thankfully, a watch, displaying the time when it’s not being used for other things. The main device can also be unclipped from the wristband and clipped to the users clothing if they would prefer to use the device that way.

As mentioned before, the SenseGiz Star was recently named a finalist for the Everyday Health Awards for Innovation, which is part of CES this year. SenseGiz is looking for funding for the device, and while there is a link to an Indiegogo campaign on their website, at the time of writing the campaign was still in draft mode. If you’re interested in the device, you should definitely keep an eye on the SenseGiz website, and!

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