Sensaura wants to play with your emotions

Watch for sports with smartwatch. Jogging training for marathon

Sensaura, a Montreal-based software startup, plans on utilising wearables you already have or brands you already know to really understand your feelings.

Since the 1960’s,heartbeats have been used as a measure for stress levels. But this measurement is more discreet. You can’t get it from your wrist, which is why some companies are trying to find a way to make it easy to attach sensors to our chests.

The founders of Sensaura believe they’ve navigated these problems by utilising existing wrist-based fitness trackers data to provide emotional analysis. The key is a proprietary algorithm developed by the company’s CTO Mojtaba Khomami, a PhD candidate at the University of Trento in Italy, who studies affective computing and neuroscience.

According to a recent survey, while most wearables owners find functions such as step counting and heart rate monitoring useful, they would like their wearable to monitor other health functions. Topping the wish-list are wearables that can measure stress levels (cited by 55% of those surveyed).

Sensaura hopes to pair up its app to various trackers to better perform analysis based on your heart rate and skin conductivity to provide this information.

Sensaura also makes it known on its website that the data collected from users is an effective way to gain insight for app developers and advertisers. However, it hopes to one day integrate the software into everyday wearables like Fitbit, Jawbone and more, rather than create its own hardware.